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1. Improves language skills

2. Sparks creative thinking

3. Creates self-awareness

4. Is a therapeutic activity

5. Expands world views


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Performing Art Class


We WRITE youth and adult writing workshops educate participants on how to use writing as an outlet to express frustration and anger in healthy positive ways.  We empower participants to uncover hidden talents and creativity.  We partner with artist and musicians, which teaches the benefits of collaboration and how this collaboration builds upon and sparks creativity.  We partner with authors, who share their expertise and experience.  We partner with therapist who assist participants with channeling hidden angst and emotions through written expression.  We also partner with the theater community-who assist with turning creative works into theatrical performances.  And finally, we take these works and create books that participants can treasure for a lifetime.  Email to learn how to bring a We WRITE Workshop to your community.

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